Custom Optical Manufacturing Services

Pyser Optics Graticules has over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality precision micropatterns, providing an extensive range of standard optical products to a diverse International client base. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we also design custom-made micropatterns for the most complex requirements. Whether you are looking for a one-off prototype or a production batch, Pyser Optics has the experience and capabilities to suit your requirements.

Precision images are available on glass, ceramic and film or in metal foil to suit the exact application needs. Manufacturing services include:

PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY. The photolithography process is used to transfer very high definition images from a master onto a resist-coated substrate. Once exposed and developed the image is subjected to an etching solution to either remove the pattern itself or leave the pattern and remove the surrounding areas – thus creating positive or negative images.

DEPOSITION COATING. Coating capabilities for deposition of bright chrome, lower reflectance chrome (chrome oxide), gold, silver, copper, aluminium with silicon monoxide and carbon – in some cases on substrates up to 1 metre length. Due to an increased demand within the market for semi-coated chromium Pyser Optics are able to offer various transmission values to meet customers’ individual application needs.

ETCHING. Pyser Optics has advanced facilities for the precision manufacture of glass etched components. After the creation of the etched image it can be filled with pigments to enable the reticle to be illuminated for day/night use.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATINGS. To improve light throughput and prevent unwanted reflection in reticle products, Pyser Optics are able to offer anti-reflection coatings to suit many applications, from single layer Mgf ² to multi-layer coatings ranging from the visible to the infra-red spectrum. These coatings can be applied to different refractive glasses as well as doublet assemblies for military specifications.

ELECTRO-FORMING & ETCHING. Electro-forming and etching are specialised processes used in the manufacture of precision metal products (high definition edge and shape, double plating for extra thickness and rigidity). Materials that can be worked are copper, nickel, gold, aluminium, stainless steel, molybdenum and titanium.

PHOTOMASK CREATION. Wide range of photomasking and artwork processes available to suit all application needs. Pyser Optics can review and evaluate your product design and, dependent on criteria such as overall size, smallest features, accuracy and tolerance; we can confidently recommend a solution to achieve the customers’ desired specification.

GLASS GRINDING & CUTTING. There are many products that demand very tight tolerances on the pattern position with respect to glass edge. Over the years Pyser Optics have perfected and modified glass working machinery to allow these tight tolerances to be achieved.

OPTICAL ASSEMBLY AND CEMENTING. Optical Manufacturing facilities providing services such as mounting of apertures into housings, cementing of lens doublets and alignment of reticles into optical assemblies, etc.

If you have a project for a custom product, you can contact us at or call us directly at +44 (0) 1732 864 111

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