IBC 2018 Highlights

The big topics at IBC this year were 4K & HDR images.

The TVLogic line up now includes eight 4K monitors, ranging in size from 17” to 55” and featuring HDR or HDR emulation. The 2,000 nits LUM-310R HDR grading monitor was the star of the show for Pyser. With other manufactures finally agreeing that the higher brightness available from LCD technology is a real advantage in high end HDR post-production, we expect good sales of this monitor. The new LEM-550R 55” OLED, makes a great client monitor & is also getting interest from DITs & for use with multi-viewers. The LUM-430G is a 43” UHD monitor & is surprisingly well priced. A number of TVLogic HD monitors now offer HDR emulation. The other star was the ultra-bright F-7H. A 3,600 nit, 7” camera top monitor. This is bright enough to see in bright sunlight & gives a really sharp picture. This offers true HDR and an increasing number of TVLogic’s other HD monitors now have HDR emulation.

All Fujinon lenses now use their latest electron beam coating (EBC) which means they produce HDR images when teamed with a suitable camera. Fujinon launched 2 new outside broadcast lenses. The UA46 is a barrel style lens which will be available in two focal lengths. These lenses will give long reach in relative compact lightweight package. They are around a quarter of the weight of a box lens with similar reach. These lenses are idea for sports, wildlife & place of worship productions.

The UA70x8.7BESM is a traditional box lens. With the latest EBC & a large front element this lens will give bright images in both SDR or HDR. There is a built in optical image stabiliser & x2 range extender.

Portabrace & HPRC both showed new cases. HPRC will rebrand with a light blue, which will also appear on case components from next year. HPRC launched a new size case, ideal for protecting portable hard drives & similar items. The Portabrace range continues to grow with new cases for the latest cameras, monitors etc.

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