Pyser and Bhukhanvala Industries Partner to bring Military Optic Products for the Indian Defence Market

Pyser Optics UK and Bhukhanvala Industries have entered into a Teaming Arrangement to bring State-of-the-Art Military Optics Products to the Indian Defence Market.

The partnership will bring together Pyser’s State-of-the-Art Military Optics Technology and Bhukhanvala’s deep understanding of the requirements of the Indian operating conditions to develop customised Military Optics Solutions for Indian Security Forces. The partnership will bring various optical sights, night sights, thermal sights and other specialised defence products into India. The partnership also expects to be a part of the Make in India programme of the Indian Government.

Bhukhanvala Industries Pvt Ltd, a part of the Bhukhanvala Group which was established in 1970, is a leading manufacturer of High Performance Solutions for the Defence, Nuclear and Aerospace segments. Bhukhanvala Industries has been a part of the various strategic programs in India and also has an established customer base with the leading Defence companies across the world. Bhukhanvala Industries has a number of products in the Protection and Survivability Segments designed to act as a Force Multiplier for the Indian Solider.

Pyser Optics is a specialist British design and manufacturing company, with heritage and history dating back to 1848. With headquarters in the south of England, Pyser provides innovative electro-optical products across a multitude of different industries and market sectors including Defence and Security. Pyser ranks among the preferred suppliers to the British Army and many other international armed forces.

Niraj P. Bhukhanwala, Managing Director of Bhukhanvala Industries said: “We are very excited to partner with Pyser and bring state of the art products that have been customised for the Indian Soldier. Military Optics Technology is  a key force multiplier in today’s operational theatres  for the Indian Security Forces”

“Pyser Optics is very pleased to sign a strategic partnering agreement to work in close collaboration with Bhukhanvala Industries.” said Ian Clark, Director of Sales at Pyser Optics. “Together we will address some specific weapon accuracy and night fighting needs of the Indian defence and security forces. This partnership confirms our commitment to the Indian market and our ambition to support the important assignments undertaken by soldiers and security forces on operations.”

Indian Partnership for Defence market





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