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Francis Barker M-73 24ct Gold Plated Brass Prismatic Compass

  • Pyser Model: M-73 24ct Presentation Compass

  • Special edition 24ct gold plated brass presentation compass

  • Ideal special gift

  • Fully functional and includes full instructions

  • Cardinal point engraving

  • Rotating bezel with lock screw

  • Complete with presentation box

Through generations of skilled and experienced craftsmen, the application of advanced manufacturing techniques and the use of only the finest raw materials, Pyser Optics has built a reputation for accuracy and reliability across their compass product range.

Pyser Optics capabilities range from the manufacture of very accurate mechanical components produced on automatic, computer-controlled

machine tools, to delicate and intricate hand finishing and assembly tasks required for the manufacture of specialist instrumentation.

This craftsmanship and expertise have now produced a special edition M-73 24ct Gold Plated Brass Presentation Compass. This 2021 model has been designed to echo the WWII production standard with cardinal point engraving on the outer body case.

Contact the Sales Team for further information and pricing.

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