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Francis Barker Compasses

Since 1848, Pyser Optics – Francis Barker have been manufacturing the finest, highest quality range of liquid prismatic compasses in the world. The traditional milspec liquid prismatic compass is currently in service with numerous armies around the world, built to meet the exacting accuracy and high specifications demanded by users worldwide.

Pyser Optics – Francis Barker compasses are manufactured in our own UK factory, utilising specialist equipment and personnel to provide the ideal choice for both the professional or recreational user. The design itself, developed over many years, is simple in concept and yet highly accurate in use.  The compasses are built to be shock resistant and withstand the toughest conditions encountered anywhere in the world today. Each compass has all the features required for accurate navigation from either a map or distant objects by day, with five Tritium light sources allowing night operations as well.

The Presentation range features the same specification as the standard prismatic compasses, but are available in a range of finishes and are supplied with either a leatherette sling case or a fabric pouch, and displayed in a hand-made, satin-lined presentation box complete with fully illustrated operating instructions.


Prismatic Compass

M-88 png.png


Prismatic Compass

Nato survival compass v3.png


Survival Compass

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