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Small Arms Collimator

SAC png 1.png
  • Quick and simple weapon zeroing with no live firing

  • Accurate to 0.25mil (25mm at 100m)

  • For zeroing iron, optical, night vision and laser sights

  • Deployed in several NATO armed forces, including the UK

  • NATO stock numbers for simple ordering

  • More than 80+ model variants from 4.6mm to 40mm calibres

  • No batteries, adjustments or maintenance is required

  • Self-checking with supplied confidence checker

Pyser Optics produce a comprehensive range of Collimators  provides a high degree of confidence in any weapon system, and ensures that it will be zeroed within seconds to an accuracy of 0.25 mils.

The robust and rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free and reliable service, requiring no maintenance and with a very low through life cost.

Many armed forces, police and special units around the world use the Pyser Optics Small Arms Collimator (SAC) as an integral part of standard operational procedures for small arms zeroing, across a wide range of weapons including image intensified night vision and laser sights.

How to use an SAC


World's first Pistol Collimator

With the take up of red dot sights for pistols, there has become a very real need to collimate those sights to ensure that the pistol is zeroed correctly. The PMOC is the first ever small arms collimator designed exclusively for pistol red dot sights allowing accurate calibration and offering users a quantifiable check on zero prior to use.


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