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Pyser Optics designs manufactures and supplies specialist optical equipment to Armed Forces, Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.  The product portfolio includes image-intensified night vision and thermal optics for both observation and weapon sights, military binoculars, prismatic compasses, small arms collimators and other complementary optical equipment.

The SAC (small arms collimator) is still regarded as the most accurate and flexible way to precisely zero small arms to a given zero distance.

The PMOC (Small Arms Pistol Collimator) is new to our collimator family. Designed for 9mm pistols using a range of red dot sights the PMOC will offer a personal zero position following time on the range, which can then be replicated in any given location or after time away from the range without having to live fire to re-zero.

Pyser Optics has a long and well-established history and reputation dating back to 1848.  It remains committed to innovative product development to meet and exceed customer expectations for electro-optical equipment, products and solutions. 

During 2023 Pyser Optics will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its most versatile prismatic marching compasses, the world-renowned M-73, designed in 1973 but still current and as accurate as ever.

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