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Night Vision Goggle

PNG-M No background.png
  • Pyser Model PNG-M

  • High resolution night vision goggle

  • Field of View 40°

  • Focus range 0.25m to infinity

  • Magnification 1x

  • Optional 3x and 5x magnification

  • Built in Powerful IR illuminator

  • Low Battery indicator in eyepiece

  • IR on indicator in eyepiece

  • Bright Light protection

  • All Pyser Optics night vision equipment can be fitted with  4G, 4G+

Min FOM – 1800 and Min FOM - 2200 image intensifier tubes.

  • All tubes are available in the standard green or black/white (ONYX).

The Pyser Optics PNG-M night vision goggle system is a lightweight, high resolution twin eyepiece device incorporating superior optics. The unit is supplied with a head mount complete with flip up capability, is easy to use and requires one standard "AA" size battery. The PNG-M series of goggles will meet the night vision needs of law enforcement and military forces around the globe, utilises the very latest in tube technology and is available with a range of accessories.

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