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Red Dot Night Vision Sight

  • Pyser Model PNP-MS

  • Compact, lightweight, rugged and versatile

  • Comprehensive range of image intensified tube options

  • Red dot image intensifier night vision sight

  • Reliable electronics

  • Lens options: 1x 2x

  • 40+ hours battery life (1x AA battery)

  • Maximum image quality

  • All Pyser Optics night vision equipment can be fitted with  4G, 4G+

Min FOM – 1800 and Min FOM - 2200 image intensifier tubes.

  • All tubes are available in the standard green or black/white (ONYX).

The PNP-MS red dot image intensifier night vision weapon sight is based on the highly successful PNP-M.

It incorporates an illuminated red dot aiming mark for rapid and precise target acquisition, the on/off switch giving the choice of low and high red dot brightness levels.

The PNP-MS has been designed for short to medium distance, night time operations with easy, intuitive zeroing and activation

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