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Clip-on Night Vision Sight

  • Pyser Model: SCORPIUS

  • Manual Focus

  • Unrivaled accuracy

  • Compact, lightweight with low profile

  • Innovative and robust one-piece design

  • Clip-on to weapon rail

  • All Pyser Optics night vision equipment can be fitted with  4G, 4G+

Min FOM – 1800 and Min FOM - 2200 image intensifier tubes.

  • All tubes are available in the standard green or black/white (ONYX).

SCORPIUS  MF (Manual Focus) Clip-On Night Vision in-line Rail Mount Sight is a new generation of robust in-line image intensified weapon sights, designed specifically to be used in front of day scopes from 1X to 8X magnification.

The advanced in-line optical design and fixed focus with no prisms, does not affect the zero of the weapon for quick and simple deployment.

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