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Thermal Weapon Sight

T-25 (2).png
  • Pyser Model: TAURUS HD

  • High Definition 640 x 480  17μm

  •  35mm, 50mm and 75mm  IR Objective lenses

  • For 24 hour use

  • Electronic zoom x2 and x4

  • 640x480 definition and PAL AV

  • Can be hand-held or mounted

  • Rugged and robust IP68 nitrogen design

  • High Performance Thermal Imaging.

  • NON ITAR only requires a UK export licence

Designed, developed and manufactured by Pyser Optics, the dedicated short to medium range thermal sight is a compact, lightweight and high performance solution. Two standard "AA" batteries enable up to 4 hours continuous operation. High quality infra-red optics provide maximum image quality and resolution, with the entire product purged and filled with dry nitrogen, for ultimate reliability in all operating theatres. The thermal sight can be deployed on all small arms in calibres 4.6mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 9mm.

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